Happy February Everyone!

Welcome to Sacfit!

Sacramento Friends in Training (Sacfit) is the premiere nonprofit training program for running and walking. Whether you’re an advanced runner looking to get blazing fast for a PR (Personal Record) or a couch potato ready to take that first step toward getting a little more fit, or if you are interested in running (or walking) your first half marathon , we have a program just for you!

Winter/Spring Program

Saturday, February 3, 2018

  • We meet on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 8:25AM.
  • Online Registration is open now!
  • In-person registration is available Saturday, February 3, 2018.
  • The program runs to April 28, 2018.
  • The price is $95 for new members and $85 for returning members.

Our meeting place is at William Pond Park. Click here for William Pond Park Map and Directions

Sacfit Training Program Details

Our training program is the longest (and least expensive) in the region. The longer program allows for the most complete training and preparation to assure the best success and results for any number of Spring-time training goals you might have, including:

  • Half Marathon (First-time finish or PR goal)
  • Speed work and Marathon base building
  • 5K, 10K distances
  • General Fitness

Additionally, our training program is safe and sensible and is tailored to each individual’s fitness and ability, including:

  • Beginning Walkers and Runners taking that first step
  • Intermediate Walkers and Runners building on an existing foundation
  • Advanced Runners looking to get faster, hone technique and refine strategy.

Our typical weekly training is a 4-day schedule:

  • Saturday group workout (supervised)
  • Monday easy workout (on your own)
  • Tuesday evening Stair or Track group workout (supervised)
  • Thursday evening Tempo group workout

Note: For our advanced team members, we add an easy Wednesday workout.

Race Goals for the Upcoming New Year?
For those with a race goal in mind, our target race is the American River Parkway Half-Marathon and 5K. This is our most popular training program and is perfect for all fitness levels – and most New Year’s Resolutions!  Our training program is also aligned with the Shamrock’n Half Marathon.

CLICK HERE  to see the various races you may consider training for this season.

The Sacfit Experience

Over the past 12 years, Sacfit has successfully training nearly 12,000 people whose goals ranged from qualifying for the Boston Marathon or running a sub two-hour half marathon to just getting off the couch and moving again and everything in between.

Our success is rooted in providing
a first-class training program and a fun experience.

We start with you and your goals, then construct a training program geared toward your goals and along the way provide knowledgeable and friendly coaches to educate, support, motivate, and inspire you. Here are just a few program features to show you what we mean:

  • Personalized Training Program
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Fitness and Nutrition Seminars
  • Ability-Based Group Workouts – No Training Alone
  • Strength and Stretching Stations at Saturday Workouts
  • Coaches Who Train With You
  • Post-workout Massages on select Saturday workouts
  • Discounts at Sports Apparel Stores
  • Fully Stocked Aid Stations
  • Free Family Picnic Breakfast
  • NO FUND-RAISING – it’s all about you!