The Walking Program

As is turns out, fitness research has determined that walking is one of the best forms of exercise for keeping fit and losing weight. And it’s not so stressful on your body! Okay, well we knew that, but it’s nice to have science on our side, too. Sacfit offers a great walking program for beginners and season veterans.

For our beginners, we provide a very gradual program to promote sucess as well as reduces injuries. We tailor individualized programs that allow you to go at your own pace. And rather than focusing on miles, we begin our team members with timed walks (miles are so overrated). Since there are no miles to worry about, you just begin your walk and when half the allotted time has passed, you turn around and return back.

For experience walkers, we offer a similar program OR a program to make the transition from walking to running.

Sacfit offers several programs that incorporate the above options. And with each program, we provide the tools and encouragement to inspire our runners to test their new found fitness and abilities at various Spring time 5k and 10K races.

At the end of our training program, Sacfit is teaming up again with Capital Road Race Management owner Rich Hanna to present  The 12th Annual American River Parkway Half-Marathon/5K – Sacramento’s largest Springtime half-marathon and 5K race. The race will be held on April 28th, 2018, to coincide with our final day of the program.

All these factors contribute toward improving fitness and health. But in keeping with the Sacfit philosophy, these programs are also designed to make getting fit an enjoyable experience. After all, if it’s not fun, what’s the point?


General Weekly Schedule

All Sacfit programs are designed to consider the busy schedules of our lives. While some adjustment and priority must be made for any new undertaking, our programs ensure that you will not be consumed by workouts. Following is our typical weekly schedule:

  • Monday – Recovery Workout
  • Tuesday – Specialized Workout – Stairs or Track
  • Thursday – Specialized Workout – Tempo
  • Saturday – Long workout

The Saturday morning workout is the “long” walk – typically a 30 to 45 minute walk to start the program and then gradually increasing in duration each following week.

The mid-week workouts consist of 25 to 30 minute walks and then only marginally increase in duration over the season with an optional Tuesday workout the track (CSUS or ARC or Folsom Community College).

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Pace Groupings

The most important component to sensible and safe training is not pushing too hard too soon. In walking, that’s finding the right pace. In order to find the right pace for you, we conduct a Pace Finder walk. The Pace Finder walk is not a race. Rather, it is easygoing walk at a pace that is comfortable enough for you to carry on a conversation.

As you complete your walk – anywhere from one to two miles, Sacfit coaches record your time. Your time determines your pace group, which we assign as color groups – Red, Purple or Magenta for walkers or run/race walkers. And from there the fun begins…