Our half marathon and general fitness program is 4 months, with the program broken down into weekly segments.

Once you join Sacfit, we connect you with our training app, which provides you access to your workout schedule and myriad training tips, articles, and workout procedures. These is is not generic information cut and pasted from the Internet. Everything in the Sacfit App is written by the Sacfit coaching staff. 

Finally, understanding that we all have futures we plan for, we also provide you the whole season schedule so you can incorporate your training program into your calendar.

Target Races

There are two half marathons in particular that fit into our Winter/Spring training schedule. However, the schedule can be conformed to other goal half marathons as well.

1. Shamrock’n Marathon. An optional half marathon for intermediate and advanced walkers and runners. This year it will be held March 17, 2024.

2. American River Parkway Half Marathon. Our training program target half marathon. We encourage all our team members to enter this race. This race has the largest and heaviest medal of any half marathon in California – and it’s the only race in the world that provides personalized medals as you cross the finish line! This year it will be held April 27, 2024



If you are just getting into (or back into) the fitness routine, participation in races and other events may not be on your list right now, but should you feel inspired after being with Sacfit, you have options!

1. Valentines Run.This is a long-time local event and the only one of it’s kind that offers  1.8 mile and four- mile courses. This year it will be held on February 10, 2024.

2. Shamrock’n 5K. This option affords a shorter-distance opportunity to participate in the Shamrock weekend. This year it will be held March 16, 2024.

3. American River Parkway 5K. Held on the same day as the American River Parkway half marathon so those wanting a shorter distance can do so and also enjoy the full hoopla of the entire event! This year it will be held April 27, 2024.