Our half marathon and general fitness program is 4 months, with the program broken down into weekly segments.

Once you join Sacfit, we email your weekly training schedule segment directly to you. You heard right! Just open your email every Sunday evening or Monday morning and there’s the whole upcoming week!

In each weekly segment, we provide specific details, comments or instructions pertinent to the specific training week, as well as other useful information.

Further, understanding that we all have futures we plan for, we also provide you the whole season schedule so you can incorporate your training program into your calendar.

Target Races

Half Marathon Training Program. 
There are a couple half marathons that fit into our Winter/Spring training schedule.

1. Shamrock’n Half Marathon. An optional half marathon for intermediate and advanced walkers and runners. This year it will be held Sunday, March 11, 2018.

2. American River Parkway Half Marathon. Our target half marathon. We encourage all our team members to enter this race. This year marks the 10th anniversary, so it’s going to be big with lots of cool stuff! This year it will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018.