Schedules and Program Features

Our Summer/Fall training program schedule is 26 weeks and is broken down in weekly segments. Once you become a member, the following program elements are provided each week:

  • Invitation to the Sacfit App, which provides access to all Sacfit training program facets, quick tips, workout technique instructions, and workout routes throughout the Parkway bike path and trail system with voice-navigation at your fingertips
  • Your weekly training schedule segment emailed directly to you. In each weekly segment, we provide specific details, comments, or instructions pertinent to the specific training week.
  • Presentations and seminars from health/fitness industry experts related to training, nutrition, injury prevention, and entry into an occasional Sacfit raffle!
  • Interactive meetings where you are able to ask questions, live or via chat, related to the training program, seminars, and coaching.

Wow, the only thing left would be if we served you breakfast in bed!   Hmmm…

Target Races and Goals

For the marathon training program, we offer several target races to choose from and corresponding training schedules to match:

Late Fall Marathons

1. California International Marathon (CIM). This is our local marathon and recommended for those new to the Sacfit program or new to training for a marathon in general. This year the race will be held December 8, 2024.  Mark you calendar!

2. Sacfit’s Point-to-Point CIM Training Run. Sacfit provides 16, 18.5, 20, or 21-mile training run as a dress rehearsal for those running the CIM. What could be better than your final long workout with aid stations and point to point service? This includes a free bus ride. This year the training run will be November 16, 2024.


There are a number of half marathons that fit into our Fall training schedule and for many, you can actually do several! And you can finish with a bang by teaming up with your friends and doing the CIM Relay.

1. Urban Cow Half Marathon. Both our target half marathon and benchmark for the marathon training. We encourage all our members to train for this half marathon. Everything about it is a perfect fit for the Fall season. This year it will be held October 6, 2024.

2. Sacfit Half Marathon. For those wanting to continue with half marathon training, rather than full marathon training, we provide an end-of-season half marathon just for you!

Our annual event is the only point-to-point half marathon in the region and features a free bus ride from where you park to the start line. All you need to do is run or walk back to your car! Oh, and there is a great finish line area with a beer garden and great food. Not to mention an awesome medal and race shirt. A Sacfit-member exclusive!  This year it will be held November 16, 2024.

CIM Relay/Fitness Maintenance BONUS: Once you complete your half marathon goal, we have a special continuing training program segment to prepare you for the CIM Relay or to just keep fit for the balance of the year.


Optional Benchmark Races.
As part of our training program, we recommend entering races leading up to the goal races as a means to gain practical experience in running or walking a race. Plus, they’re fun! You are not required to participate, but gaining experience can be very beneficial. Also, they can serve as great benchmarks to gauge how well you are coming along with your fitness. Our members are always surprised to see how well they’re doing!

1. July Fourth Fun Run. Held in River Park near CSUS. A great tradition and the race is free to enter! What a great event to start off your 3-day weekend! July 4, 2024.

2. Buffalo Stampede. Our graduation into our first double digit race – 10 Miles! It’s a nice medium size race with easy parking and proximity (One mile from where we normally meet). Also, there is a separate start for walkers. Finally, because our membership is about 20-30% of the entire race, Sacfit members get a discount! We like to call the Stampede the unofficial Sacfit 10-mile race. This year the race will be held September 8, 2024.