Welcome to SacFit!

The fun running and walking club!

We’re glad you dropped in! Sacfit is the largest and, many would say, the most fun and social training group in the Sacramento region. We are also the only group that has coaches who actually work out with you and our support is second to none!

When you add in our innovative training techniques that are tailored to each member’s fitness, ability, and goals, AND it’s easy to see how we have earned the distinction as the premiere running and walking club in the area.

Whether you’re a couch potato ready to take that first step toward better fitness, a seasoned runner looking to finish your fastest half, or anywhere in between, we have a training program just for you!

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Let's Get Moving!

Sacfit Full Marathon, Half Marathon and General Fitness Training Program starts Saturday, June 10, 2023.

Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Location: We meet at Rio Americano High School Auditorium. Address is: 4540 American River Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864. Click here for Rio Americano High School Map and Directions.

We offer two training programs::

  • CIM Marathon Training Program –  This 26-week program covers coaching and training for the CIM Marathon or any other late Summer or Fall marathon goal. Register here.
  • Urban Cow Half Marathon Training Program – This program covers coaching and training for Urban Cow Half Marathon (including VIP race-day lounge), as well as other Summer or Fall half marathons. Register here.
  • Fitness Program – The program is designed for those looking to get back into shape, have fun, and maybe run/walk a 5K or 10K. Register here.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you decide you want to adjust your goal as the season (and your fitness) progresses, you can switch to any training program at no additional cost.

Sacfit Training Program Details

Our 26-week training program is the longest (and least expensive) in the region. The longer program allows for the most complete training and preparation to assure the best success and results for any number of Summer/Fall training and fitness goals you might have, including:

  • Full Marathon (First-time finish to Boston Qualifier)
  • Half Marathon (First-time finish or PR goal)
  • Speed work and base-building
  • 5K, 10K distances
  • General Fitness

Additionally, our training program is tailored to each individual’s fitness and ability, including:

  • Beginning Walkers and Runners taking that first step
  • Intermediate Walkers and Runners building on an existing foundation
  • Advanced Runners looking to get faster, hone technique, and refine strategy

Our typical weekly training schedule:

  • Monday easy workout (on your own)
  • Tuesday Stair, Hill, or Track group workout (supervised locations)
  • Wednesday rest day (For our advanced runners, a recovery workout)
  • Thursday Pace and Tempo group workout (supervised locations)
  • Saturday full-team gathering and workout (supervised)
  • Optional Sunday Spin – an easy bicycle ride to loosen the legs (supervised)

CLICK HERE to see the various races you might consider training for this season.

The Sacfit Experience

Over our 17-year history, we have trained over 15,000 individuals of all fitness levels, experience, age, and abilities, helping each to achieve his or her particular goal.

Our members’ success is based on a simple concept: We start with you and your goals, then construct a training program geared toward your goals. and along the way provide knowledgeable and friendly coaches to educate, support, motivate, and inspire you. Here are just a few program features to show you what we mean:

  • Personalized Training Program
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Fitness and Nutrition Seminars
  • Ability-Based Group Workouts – No Training Alone
  • Strength and Stretching Stations at Saturday Workouts
  • Coaches Who Train With You
  • Discounts at Sports Apparel Stores
  • Fully Stocked Support Stations (for longer workouts)
  • Free Family Picnic Breakfast
  • Exclusive Access to the Sacfit Comprehensive training APP